Our Chain of Command

Liam "Surp" Rodriguez

Chief Executive Officer

Liam Rodriguez started NeX Gaming with an intent for players to drive out of their comfort zone and play eSports, instead of "Ranked Plays and Custom Matches." Doing this he has created a eSports organization that now has over 150+ members who are committed, dedicated and want their gaming career to be with NeX Gaming. 

Darious "fhara0h" McCoy

Chief Operations Officer

Darious McCoy has helped Liam Rodriguez, CEO of NeX Gaming with his envision to create a fair and better play space in the organization. He executes and sees through the mission of the CEO and NeX Gaming! 

Devin B. 

VP of Partnerships

Devin came apart of the team at the beginning of April with a load of wanting to help. With his help, he is now in charge of gathering Partnerships/Sponsorships. He is an essential part of the team for looking for Partnerships/Sponsorships of NeX Gaming.

Victor A. 

Chief of Staff

Since him joining in Mid-April of 2020, he has had the chance to, with his prior knowledge of managing others in a work environment, Victor now handles all staff within NeX Gaming and reports directly to the CEO, CHRO and COO. 

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