NeX Gaming Presents the North American Online League

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (NeX) - NeX Gaming has kept the league under wraps for some time. NeX Gaming has revealed that they are presenting two leagues under the name, North American Online League. The North American Online League will provide NeX Gaming the opprotunity to create and grow a fan base for the organization. Since the organizations launch in January, this will give the organization the chance to benefit off of a business standpoint and draw in a bigger crowd to not only the NAOL but NeX Gaming. 


NeX Gaming has always stated they want to create an immersive and vibrant gaming organization, so those who come can stay and appreciate everything around them. 


NeX Gaming Founder and CEO, Liam Rodriguez, has stated the various ways he sees this happening. "It will give NeX gaming a bigger plot on the Esports Industry map to work from. NeX Gaming has nothing to stop them from always pursuing to do more, this is us doing more. Pursuing a profit and interest for teams who will actually recieve a prize pool." 


NeX Gaming hasn't closed any other information but we plan on releasing more as it goes. 


If you are interested on recieving more information about the NAOL, please Click Here

Liam Rodriguez


June 2020

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